Relationship between Spiritual Leadership and Organizational Commitment in Malaysians’ Oil and Gas Industry

  •  Norudin Mansor    
  •  Ahmad Haziq Ismail    
  •  Mohd. Afifie Mohd. Alwi    
  •  Nurhani Anwar    


The study attempts to fill in the empirical gap of spiritual leadership relationship with organizational commitment in the oil and gas industry in Malaysia. On a wider perspective, the study will provide an insight on spiritual leadership adoption in the oil and gas industry and how well it has contributed to the overall efficiency towards productivity and growth. The effectiveness of a particular leadership approach may differ from one industry to another based on the demographic, geographic or principle of business factors. In an attempt to get an adequate and good generalization, out of approximately 106,000 populations, 203 respondents were selected from 11 main subgroups: namely the oil and gas related firms operating within the gazetted industrialed zone by using quota sampling. Relying on four constructs measuring spiritual leadership the investigation hypothesized their relationship with the committment at work. The findings of the research may serve as a reference for organizations to make decisions on the leadership approach that suits with the organizational environment. Similar studies on the context of spiritual leadership conducted by researchers around the world have been sparse due to the fact that the implementation of such approach is still at its infancy. Therefore, the findings from the study are important to contribute to the academic literatures as well as to provide enrichment in the discussion of the subject matter.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.