Framework of Soft Skills Infusion Based on Learning Contract Concept in Malaysia Higher Education

  •  Jumali Hj. Selamat    
  •  Khaidzir Hj. Ismail    
  •  Azizan Ahmad    
  •  Mohd Haither Hussin    
  •  Salbiah Seliman    


The implementation of co-curriculum via learning contract is a new concept which was first introduced at the National University of Malaysia in the year 2011. The main objective is to complement the existing academic co-curriculum towards developing and produce graduates who not only knowledgeable and skillful but also able to develop a well-rounded balance life. This includes physical, spiritual and intellectual life experience in a variety of contexts and nurturing talent. Among others, it is the intention of the National University of Malaysia to strategically position their approach into soft skills development. This is in line with The Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia objective to embed training on soft skills into all aspects of learning in the higher learning co-curriculum. This is a concept paper with two goals: 1) to provides the description whose purpose is to give a synopsis of the co-curriculum principles called The Eight Principles and 2) to discuss the use of learning contracts in enhancing soft skills among university students.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.