Place-Making of Ecotourism in Tasik Chini: From Exploratory to the Contemporary Biosphere Reserve

  •  A. Habibah    
  •  I. Mushrifah    
  •  J. Hamzah    
  •  A. C. Er    
  •  A. Buang    
  •  M. E. Toriman    
  •  S. Selvadurai    
  •  R. Zaimah    


Place-making is crucial in tourism destination as how it evolves and develops over time plays a significantly rolein destination’s sustainability. As ecotourism is often perceived as an excellent tool for promoting sustainabledevelopment, including in the Biosphere Reserve (BR), any initiatives in promoting this destination, therefore,have to be in a responsible manner, representing a real experience of the destination. While there is copious ofliterature on ecotourism in the BRs, no research has been conducted on how place-making of ecotourism in TasikChini from its evolution to the current status of Biosphere Reserve. Taking into account the needs ofplace-making that fits the aspiration of a sustainable destination, this article aims to analyze how place-makingof Tasik Chini evolved and being developed in the life cycle of Tasik Chini as an ecotourism destination, aimingat tracing on travel engagement and ecotourism experiences. The study reveals four major components that drivethe place-making of ecotourism in Tasik Chini, from exploratory to contemporary towards achieving sustainabledevelopment: the state of ecotourism in the BR, who the segments are, involvement of community and thegovernment intervention and support system. It is imperative an integrated place-making of ecotourismdestination be promoted and enhanced by all stakeholders in the future undertaking.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.