Phenomenological Approach in Gauging Native Community Quality of Life

  •  N. Lyndon    
  •  Salfarina Abd. Gapor    
  •  Er A. C.    
  •  M. J. Mohd Fuad    
  •  S. Selvadurai    
  •  A. R. Mohd Helmi    
  •  R. Zaimah    


The main objective of this study is to get a clear understanding of the quality of life of the Bidayuh communitythrough the world view of the Bidayuh community. The clear understanding of the concept of quality of life fromthe world-view of Bidayuh community will give an accurate development and a proper community developmentprogram for this community. This research has drawn on the phenomenological approach utilising abductive logicbased on idealist ontology and constructionist epistemology. This study was conducted in the Serian District,Sarawak which is one of the four districts under the administration of Samarahan Division. The size of the samplefor this study was 50 which are achieved through the continuous support toward measurement or the criteria ontheoretical saturation. Data in this study was collected using the technique of in-depth interview and informalgroup discussion. The themes of basic needs and accessibility to infrastructure facilities in their environmentbecame the main choice of the Bidayuh community. Suggestions for further action are addressed to thedevelopment agencies, development planners and policy makers so as to give more emphasis on the bottom-upapproach and the needs of the native community in community development program.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.