Archive Footage and the Image of Historical Documentary

  •  Mohd. Nor Shahizan Ali    
  •  Ali Salman    
  •  Novel Lyndon    
  •  Mat Pauzi Abd. Rahman    
  •  Yuszaidy Mohd. Yusoff    


This research aims to unveil the royal agenda issues on the documentary ‘Jungle Green Khaki Brown: Malaya's fight against terrorism’. ‘Jungle Green Khaki Brown: Malaya's fight against terrorism’ is a documentary that members devote to his struggle againstcommunist terrorists safety. Every aspect of the documentary is to be visualized representation of the struggle against bandit. A series rather than social factors, technological and cultural influence beyond the eroding attitude formation are still obscure Malaysian nation with a history of their own country. ‘Jungle Green Khaki Brown: Malaya's fight against terrorism’ has become a silent byproduct material injected historical value and value in the eyes of the Bangsa Malaysia (Malaysian Nation). This documentary has been a witness to the history that applies to every Bangsa Malaysia (Malaysian nation). The problem is there message this kingdom can achieve set goals? Overview over the audience documentary has run to get their views on the visual elements shown owing to documentary, is there they see it as something that actually describes the situation or just a symbolism? The model form in visual communication backing up two possibilities: the audience will be able to understand any visual elements that display as it is constituted by language (Barthes), or visual communication, such as sign language and has put imagery, and create something of meaning (Kress and Van Leeuwen), to make room for the audience to ‘read’ thoroughly about what to say, like what otherwise is a documentary that free offerings actually. This study rejects both those views. The image may communicate without language, but there is a very striking distinction between the images that make up the easy system and language imagery that form a complex system. The semiotic system imagery is easy to represent the real existent (Halliday) and every experience we went through. The existence of index alongside the linguistic discourse allows the audience to understand every visual offering by linking each index with the actual state of the world. The implication can add further unique offerings and appeal over the documentary.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.