Organization’s Entrepreneurial Behaviors: A Study on Malaysian State Government Links Companies (SGLCS) Practices

  •  Ahmad Raflis Che Omar    
  •  Suraiya Ishak    


Performance improvement requires new set of behaviors. It is posited that corporate performance can be improved through entrepreneurial behaviors. As far as government links companies (GLCs) are concern, higher performance can be derive from adoption of pure market behaviors. This study attempts to evaluate the practice of corporate entrepreneurial behavior by Malaysian state government links companies (SGLCs). This study employs survey to solicit information regarding entrepreneurial behaviors from selected SGLCs. The findings reveal that most SGLCs have adopted corporate entrepreneurial behavior in their operations. Nevertheless, the entrepreneurial dimensions have been differently emphasized due to most priority has been given to innovation, followed by risk-taking and pro-activeness. However, ANOVA analysis shows no significant differences in each entrepreneurial dimension across different samples. From the interview data, it was found that pure entrepreneurial behavior practices had been constrained by the nature of GLCs conflicting identity and insufficient of internal competencies and resources.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.