The Minangkabau’s Customary Land: The Role of “Orang Semenda” in Malaysia and Indonesia

  •  Azima A. M.    
  •  Mohd Yusof Hussain    
  •  Suhana Saad    
  •  Lyndon N.    
  •  Sivapalan Selvadurai    
  •  Ramli Z.    
  •  Sarmila Md Sum    


The main economic resources of customary community is farming, therefore it is not surprising if the soil is the most important thing to them. The lineage of Minangkabau’s mother system could work properly if there is land for farming. Thus, the customary community is encouraged to strive for the land because the community of ‘perpatih’ custom is known as a farming community. The ownership right that belongs to this community is particularly need a person who is responsible to work on it. Indeed, the person who is related by marriage play a crucial role in order to preserve his wife inherited land. So that, this person will be responsible to develop that inherited land even though it is not a large land, but the ‘pertitih’ proverb once said that "it has been given to you the four thresholds, which you should preserve, advocate it." Therefore, from the customary community point of view it was stated that for those who are related by marriage has a role in order to enhance the customary land. Therefore this article will focus on the role of a person who is related by marriage in order to address issues of customary land.

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