Construction of PBL Problem Base Pattern Based on System of “Two Types, Six Aspects and Three Levels” at Medical College

  •  Qin Chen    
  •  Xiang Li    
  •  Xiaorong Zeng    
  •  Rui Huang    
  •  Minghua Liu    
  •  Li Tang    


PBL is a studying process that emphasizes how to enquire, understand and solve problems. Problem Base is a form of resource for PBL’s implementation and is indispensable to the overall practice of the latter. This article first sets about the two types of problems: disciplinary and conditional to collect problems from 6 aspects-- teacher’s reflection, students, colleagues, teaching supervision and reference literature; then manages the problems from 3 levels – junior, middle and senior–according to the above mentioned two types, and finally constructs a problem Base of “two types, six aspects and three levels”.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.