The Formal and Informal Long-Term Caregiving for the Elderly: The Malaysian Experience

  •  Zheng-Yi Goh    
  •  Ming-Ming Lai    
  •  Siok-Hwa Lau    
  •  Nazihah Ahmad    


This paper examines the formal and informal caregiving for elderly in the Malaysian society under the absence of a structured long-term care environment. We surveyed 31 health care providers and 56 informal caregivers for elderly. The private for-profit care providers offer better facilities and services than non-profit centres. Females especially daughters were usually the informal caregivers to the elderly. Caregivers spent below USD$330 on long-term care expenses and relying heavily on public health care services. The results suggest government to implement a comprehensive social insurance for long-term care to ensure protection and equal treatment to be received by elderly.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.