Contemporary Graphic Arts: Synthesis of the Creation Process for Products with Cultural Dimensions

  •  Kanokwan Nithirattapat    
  •  Songkoon Chantachon    
  •  Marisa Koseyayothin    


Contemporary graphic arts in Thailand are becoming diluted by lack of development and continued western influence. This qualitative research discusses the history of contemporary graphic arts in Thailand with the aim of identifying a synthesis of artwork creation. Thai art and, specifically Thai graphic art, has a richly multicultural history. Without western influence, the art-form would not enjoy its currently exalted national reputation. Regardless, the production techniques are becoming thinned and stagnant and there is a need to develop contemporary graphic art, so to retain a strictly Thai identity for modern generations to enjoy and cherish. This article addresses the cultural considerations of the creation process and identifies areas in which the field can be developed for a prosperous and unique future.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.