Research Raising the Bilingual Teaching Level of Chinese in College

  •  Jing Sun    


China’s admission to the World Trade Organization (WTO), compounded by the rapid global economic growth – over the last decade – had created exuberant need for skilled manpower in China. This is evident by the demand for skilled talent in inter-disciplinary fields related to foreign language training. Mastering foreign language is considered a scarce resource in China as these specialist skilled persons will provide an important trans-culture bridging link with the Western World. The need for such niche skilled manpower had created challenges to Chinese universities to develop accelerated bilingual training programs to cater for such a demand. China’s Education Authorities recognize this requirement and had set priorities to administer the local universities to provide such bilingual courses. This article has discussed the professional course bilingual education necessity, analyzes concrete questions which Chinese universities bilingual education exists, and proposed the measures and the suggestions which raises the standard of bilingual education level.

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