Violence against Pregnant Women – The Study Population in Salt City

  •  Lubna Makhled Al-adayleh    
  •  Hana Husni Al Nabulsi    


This study aimed to identify the forms of violence against pregnant women represented in (physical violence, psychological, and social), as well as identifying the consequences of violence against pregnant women, also identifying the impact of some qualitative variables such as (level of education, housing, income level, family members). The forms of violence against a pregnant woman, and to identify the relationship between some qualitative variables and consequences of violence against pregnant women, a study in which consisted of 250 women from pregnant women attending antenatal clinics in the city of Salt in Jordan, was used package Statistical Social Sciences (SPSS).
The study was applied at statistical methods and simple statistics advanced test, to analysis of variance T-test and F-test, to show the differences and implications of statistical variables, the results revealed that the actions stressful work, being forced to have sex, and beating, is one of the most prevalent forms of physical violence.  A Study also demonstrated that questioning the sex of the baby, neglecting, and the carelessness of the husband to towards the health status, was one of the most common forms of psychological violence known. The exposure of pregnant women to smoke, and the neglect of her husband because of being pregnant with a female and not allowing seeing the doctor was one of the forms of social violence. Also showed that stress, the anxiety and depression is the psychological effects of violence, also the slackness to perform house duties, and isolation forms other social impacts. The results also showed the presence of statistically significant relationships between forms of violence against a pregnant woman due to the variable places of residence, and monthly income. And there are no statistically significant differences to forms of violence attributed to the educational level.

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