A Sociological Investigation of Awareness and Causes of Intimate Partner Violence in Nigeria: A Survey of Agege, Lagos State

  •  Matthias Olufemi Dada Ojo    


This paper investigated Intimate Partner Violence in the densely populated area of Agege, Lagos State, Nigeria. The study utilized survey design in the collection of data. The study area was purposely selected and convenience sampling was used in the selection of the respondents that participated in the study [n=120]. Questionnaire was the instrument of data collection employed and percentage and Chi-Square were used in analyzing the quantitative data. The results of analyses show that there is much to be done in creating awareness of Intimate Partner Violence in area of its criminal and legal implication. Drunkenness, infidelity, rudeness, hatred and excessive rights of men over women were identified social factors which induce IPV. While joblessness and financial dependence of women on their partners were the economic factors noticed in the study. The study recommends creation of more awareness on Intimate Partner Violence, peaceful coexistence within the family, the assistances from the society at large and assistances and supports from the government and non-government organizations, in order to quench the problem of Intimate Partner Violence in Nigerian Society.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.