Designing the Model of Sport for All in Iran

  •  Marjan Saffari    
  •  Mohammad Ehsani    
  •  Mojtaba Amiri    
  •  Hashem Kozechian    


Increase in people participation in Sport for all has always been considered by policy makers. This paper aims to present a model to institutionalize sport for all of Iran. For this purpose, researchers referred to the experts of the sport for all of Iran and collected data from them through deep interviews. Then, the data resulted from twenty-nine interviews were encoded and analyzed through grounded theory method. The results of codes classification showed sixteen components at the three contextual, organizational, and behavioral levels. According to the sport for all of Iran model, it can be noted that the contextual level of sport for all of Iran, in which the other two levels are rooted, includes external environment and conditions, and generally leads to organizational and behavioral levels. The presented model can be used as the analytical tool for sport for all of Iran so that it would solve problems of this field of sport reasonably and principally.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.