Analysis of Attitude towards Online and Print Publications: A Case Study among University Students

  •  Jacob Cherian    
  •  Jolly Jacob    


Users enjoy and like both online and print news papers. But it is believed that it is necessary to adopt various modern techniques so as to identify the interests of the young college going population. Factors influencing attitude towards usage of print and online publication have been studied by several researchers. In this modern age, people are provided with a wide range of traditional and digital channels. Currently online news sites have greatly satisfied the expectations of the readers, and there has been a decrease in the circulation of print news papers. This study examines the consumer choice of print and online media with respect to demographics and preference of format. The study adopted a primary quantitative data collection approach wherein a paper based survey of 150 college post graduate students was carried out. Overall these results, acknowledged that the print edition has been the prevailing choice when compared to the print edition in terms of readership and preference and generates more profit to the advertising field.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.