Study on the Characteristics and Cultivating Path of the Industry-University Symbiotic Networks: Based on the Small-World Network Model and the Theory of Symbiosis

  •  Zhenquan Cao    
  •  Leiyong Zhang    
  •  Feng Feng    
  •  Yuneng Du    


This Paper proposed the concept of industry-university symbiotic networks based on the analysis of the network and symbiotic characteristic of the cooperation of industry, universities and research institutions. The information, material and energy exchange rate, the degree of concentration and the generation and distribution mechanism of the symbiotic energy of the industry-university symbiotic networks were analyzed. We pointed out that increasing the scale of the network, optimizing the symbiotic interface, necessarily breaking and re-bonding the links and promoting the distribution of the symbiotic energy were the most fundamental means of enhancing the ability of industry-university symbiotic networks. At last this paper drew a path map of cultivating the industry-university symbiotic networks.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.