Military Men and Women Facing Challenges of Adapting to New Military Environment

  •  Jianxin Yang    
  •  Min Yu    
  •  Fuyong Liu    


To adapt themselves to the new military environment, the military men and women must recognize the duty of a military person, get accustomed to special way of life in the Army and be on alert for military operations.
The military service is a special career. The role of a military person is decided by his or her duty and obligation to society and restricted by the career and norms of society. Military persons have common personal characters, which are influenced by military operational environment and their life style is characterized by collective or group form, connected by common goals of their operations, and based on special way of living as a group.
They must adapt themselves to this form of life and interpersonal environment. Their adaptability to military operations is a comprehensive one, which requires tough physical strength, strong wills, high level of coordination and enhanced personality.

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