The Development of a Method for the Identification of Problematic Students during the Initial Stage of Study

  •  Norhana Arsad    
  •  Noorfazila Kamal    
  •  Afida Ayob    
  •  Sarzliana Soaidin    
  •  Hafizah Husain    


The decline in university students’ performance has become an issue of great concern to university educators. Their academic excellence accomplished at school and pre-university levels do not warrant similar results when they are at the university. This study aims to prove that students’ outstanding academic performance can actually be retained if they can be monitored as early as their first year of study at the university. Therefore, a method has been developed to identify students who are potentially problematic in their academic endeavours. The students were asked to sit for a basic test early in the first semester of their first year at university. The results of this test are then made as a yardstick to be compared with the results of their first semester examination. This study has found that the comparative results for both tests can be used to identify problematic students earlier on in their university life, and can be used as a basis for necessary actions by their academic facilitators.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.