Students’ Learning Styles and Intrinsic Motivation in Learning Mathematics

  •  Vijaya Sengodan    
  •  Zanaton H. Iksan    


This study aims to determine the types of learning styles and intrinsic motivation of IKTBNS students and to the relationship between learning styles and intrinsic motivation of students; and difference in learning styles and intrinsic motivation based on gender. This study was carried out by survey research method. The sample consists of 78 students from two departments in National Advanced Youth Skill Training Institute of Sepang (IKTBNS). The Inventory of Learning instrument was used, which postulated four learning styles and three types of intrinsic motivations which are practised by the students in learning mathematics. Data gathered were analyzed descriptively and inferentially using the SPSS package. Result from the descriptive analysis found that the students showed high learning style of surface, while the highly practised intrinsic motivation is self-efficacy as compared to efforts and worry. Inferential analysis results found a significant relationship between hard work learning styles and effort intrinsic motivation. There is a significant difference between genders in organisation learning style as well as genders in effort intrinsic motivation. The implications of this study indicate that motivational factors play an important role in determining the selection of learning styles practised by the students.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.