Analysis on Outlook on Life of Contemporary University Students

  •  Haiyan Wu    
  •  Lin Ding    


Outlook on life, forming in practice, is the fundamental view on life purpose and life meaning and it determines the objective of people's practical activity, the direction of life path and the attitude towards life. From four aspects (life purpose, life ideal, life value and life attitude) which are the basic content of outlook on life, the thesis analyzes the current situation of outlook on life of contemporary university students in China and the situation contains the mainstream and problems, then, it studies to a certain extent the causes of the problems, finally, it proposes the countermeasures about how to educate their outlook on life, namely, how to guide them to establish scientific life purpose, life ideal, life value and life attitude, ultimately, to help them to form and build positive outlook on life.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.