Marketing Strategy of Pay Channels

  •  Fanbin Zeng    
  •  Xiaojing Yang    


Pay Channels not only need to improve the quality of their content, but also need to focus on marketing strategy. To develop Pay Channels in China, we not only need to improve the content of the TV programs, but also need to focus on the marketing strategy. So far, we have two main approaches of marketing in China. One is being operated by integration platform; the other is by the Channel itself. Pay channels are not developed so well in China. In this paper, we are going to discuss on the existing problems of pay channels in China and try to find out the effective ways to carry out marketing strategy of pay channels. To improve the situation of pay channels in China, we might take the following measures: 1) Pursue different kinds of sales approach. 2) Provide Free Preview to Expand the Scope of Publicity. 3) Lower charging fee. 4) Establish a perfect customer service system.

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