Expanding the Horizons of Professional Learning: A Foundations Alumni Network

  •  Marina Harvey    
  •  Elaine Huber    


University foundations programs are offered by the majority of universities across Australia. These programs provide professional learning to support academics with learning and teaching in higher education. A subsequent challenge is that of sustaining and expanding the professional learning opportunities by developing individual and organisational capacity in learning and teaching. This paper reports on the case study of a Foundations Alumni Project at one metropolitan university. Reflective practice, inherent in the Participatory Action Research approach framing this project, provided the data to inform the answer to sustaining and expanding professional learning horizons: a foundations alumni network. The case-based process leading to the establishment of a network is outlined, together with the challenges encountered. Challenges included establishing an effective communications strategy and the lack of recognition of participation in workload models. The development of practical strategies, informed by the literature, and their role in growing and supporting such a network are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.