An Analysis of the Design Concept Presenting “Humanistic Spirit”

  •  Ke Li    


This article conveys to the readers the idea of the author on how to present the design concept of “humanistic spirit” through a “simple but profound” manifestation mode and proposes the “human center” design concept in the development of the new times. Also, the author makes an analysis of the structure, support and application methods of the design means he has experienced in practice from different design angles from the surface to the center.Keywords: humanistic spirit, design innovation, environmental communication, connotation of the timesWith approaching of the times of information, what human kind is faced with the issues why the human kind exists behind the abundant life embraced by modern industrial commodities and where the sustainable development of human society is going forward. Development of science and technology and rational design has brought to the society continuous progress, development and civilization and the industrial revolution period. Our efforts are targeted at a rational and beautiful living means and we are aimed to resolve the issue of “subsistence right” of clothing, food, shelter and transportation. However, in the contemporary society where the crisis of materials for subsistence no longer perplexes human kind, the natural rule of human nature makes the human demand upgraded from “subsistence right” to “quality of subsistence” and the free and harmonious condition of human kind will become a standard for the subsistence quality of human kind. The concept of modern design will also be changed together with this change and design for poetic subsistence will take the place of design for satisfaction of materials and will become a requirement of the times. Design will adjust the relationship of human’s physiological reaction with the materials under a condition of working and living. It is necessary to change the aesthetic orientation and replace it with a new culture under a new situation. Construction of a new design cultural pattern requires the modern design to have a basic foothold and behavioral norm. That is to say, whether personal pursuit of individualized subsistence or maintenance of the characteristics of the times and the purpose of design, it is necessary to focus on the human oriented design cultural significance. Design is aimed to provide service for the human kind and the realistic demand of human kind, the national sentiment and the characteristics of the times have constructed connotation of new design cultural times. Therefore, the design concept that embodies “humanistic spirit” will become a design theme of the information society and will more and more penetrate into the living space of human kind.

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