Developing Students’ Oral Communicative Competence through Interactive Learning

  •  Baohua Guo    


For a long time, under the pressure of enter-university-examination, the middle school students only take English as one of the major subjects for entering the university, thus overlook the real goal for learning a foreign language. As a result, their communicative competence, especially the oral communicative ability are inferior, which is obviously deviated away from the ultimate goal of learning a foreign language.
In this paper, I have analyzed the present situation in the middle school English learning, and reviewed some theories, especially the Social Interactionist Theory, and their effectiveness to English teaching and learning, The emphasis of the paper is on the application of the interactionist theory and how it affects and improves the students’ oral ability in English learning, thus trying to find a new way to improve the students’ oral communicative competence.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.