The Efficiency for the Three Industries of Provinces in China, Considering the Effects of Carbon Emission: An Application of the Parallel DEA Model

  •  Feng Feng    
  •  Jinlai Wang    


In this paper, a parallel DEA model was established and applied to evaluate the production performance of 29 provinces from China in 2009, considering the effects of CO2 emission. Meanwhile, a CCR DEA model was also used to evaluate the efficiencies for each industry, respectively. Our calculated results reveal that: a) the production efficiency for each province is relevant to the economic development level; b) the efficiencies are of great differences between regions, i.e., the eastern coastal area is more highly efficiency than the western interior area significantly; c) the efficiency of the primary industry are higher than those of the secondary industry and tertiary industry in average, and the score for tertiary industry efficiency is of the least influences of regions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.