Developing Global and Technological Education Standards of Social Education Curriculum in Mid-Stage in Jordan

  •  Mahmoud Sulaiman Bani Abdelrahman    
  •  Eid El-Subhieen    
  •  Mustafa Jwaifell    


The study aimed at developing global and technological education standards of social education curriculum in the Mid-stage in Jordan. The researchers developed an instrument included (31) items of the main concepts and values of the global and technological education. Results after analyzing curricula indicated that the curricula did not take into account the concepts and values of the global and technological according to the standards that have developed. The study included details of the standards and its statistical analyses. Recommendations were given to take use of these standards in the mid-stage by decision makers and more researches in other curriculum domains.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.