Anti-Woman Issue and Its Manifestation in Persian Literature

  •  Parvaneh Aadelzadeh    
  •  Ramin Sadeghinajad    
  •  Kamran Pashaei Fakhri    


The issue of woman, her personality and aspect in family and community is such an issue that is reflected in the literature and the nation's culture and finds an obvious aspect. So one of the ways to achieve a community' attitudes towards women and deal with her presence is to study literary works. An important point to be mentioned here is that writers and poets of ancient texts have expressed different and sometimes controversial opinions about women in various situations based on prevailing conditions and different results extracted from the narratives, of course, these opinions have sometimes been expressed by the author and sometimes through various characters having different roles. This article briefly tries to outline examples of anti-woman manifestations in Persian Literature.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.