Educational Computer Games for Malaysian Classrooms: Issues and Challenges

  •  Kamisah Osman    
  •  Nurul Aini Bakar    


This paper proposes the implementation of educational computer games in Malaysian classrooms. Local research has found that Malaysian students are familiar with computer games but the implementation of computer games as teaching and learning aids in the classroom has yet to be carried out. In reviewing this topic, the authors refer to the chemistry classroom as the case in point. The paper examines the issues and challenges faced by education stakeholders in designing and implementing educational computer games for Malaysian classrooms. Three main issues to be discussed here are the issues of: (i) the available educational computer games in the market and whether they are suitable to be used in Malaysian classrooms, (ii) the factors that ought to be considered in adapting and designing an educational computer game to be used in Malaysian classrooms and (iii) the barriers which hinder the implementation of educational computer games in Malaysian classrooms. The authors further propose an educational computer game design model for Malaysian classrooms. The model grasps the important issues and challenges discussed, depicting the factors to be considered during the planning and designing phases of an educational computer game. The paper concludes by encouraging local and international researchers to further explore the diverse scope of the computer game niche especially in the context of the local education system and chemistry education.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.