Influences of Network Video on Pay TV--An Analysis Based on Guangzhou

  •  Fanbin Zeng    
  •  Fangzhou Cheng    


This article is going to discuss on how the audience know and evaluate network video and pay TV and whether the popularity of network video will bring about influences to pay TV. This research is based on a survey conducted in November 2011 of which the respondents were residents living in Guangzhou at the age of 16 and above who had applied internet in the past half year. A comparable analysis of the findings in this survey and the national statistics reveals some common characteristics among the audience using the network video: 1) The audience who use the network video are mainly young people at an age of 10 to 39. 2) Appearance of network video (IPTV) does have influences on the frequency and perception of watching the traditional TV by the audience. 3) It is true that more and more audience come into contact with the network video, but the intention of the audience to purchase network video is not strong. Through the survey and analysis, it is found that influences of network video on the traditional TV (including digital pay TV) are that it has appealed young audience to watch, but the network video can only attract the audience to watch, and may not attract them to pay to watch. Therefore, the direct influence of network video on pay TV is limited.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.