Translation and Subtitling: A Study on Telephone Conversation Opening and Closing, with English and Persian in Focus

  •  Akram Khadem    
  •  Ahmad Moinzadeh    


The present study aims to focus on telephone conversation opening and closing in Persian and the problems which may emerge in translating them into English. With particular attention to the studies done on telephone conversations by Schegloff (1968; 1986), Liddicoat (2007), Taleghani Nikazem (2002), and Khadem and Eslami Rasekh (2012), the researchers intend to analyze some movies and series in Persian as the source language and compare them with their subtitled translations in English. The corpus of the study consists of the telephone conversations in Persian with their subtitled translations, which both are extracted from these movies and series. As there are some differences in the cultures of both Persian and English and some peculiarities exist in the structure of telephone conversations in both languages, there seems some noticeable findings will be achieved.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.