Subjective Conception of Students’ Self-Regulated Learning from the Perspective of a Beginner Teacher

  •  Karla Hrbackova    
  •  Sona Vavrova    


The authors of the paper contemplate changes in contemporary society and their impact on the culture of education. In accordance with Leirman the authors see a shift in current education froma culture of experts and prophets to a more practical engineering and communicator culture. Along with Keller and Tvrdý they do not view the shift as a decline but rather as a transition from heroismto practicality. Following the selected theoretical foundationsthe paper focuses on what the teacher's conception of students´self-regulated learning is and whether there are particular differences in the conceptionofteaching innovice teachers and teachers with teaching experience. The aim of the survey is to map the existing, statistically significant differences in beliefs of beginning and practicing teachers on selectedareas of teaching, namely the content of teaching, interaction with the student, the methods of teaching andevaluation of the student.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.