Academic Activities after School That Help Secondary School Children’s Cognitive Development through Hermeneutic Analysis

  •  Suppiah Nachiappan    
  •  Veeramani Marimuthu    
  •  Hari Krishnan Andi    
  •  Velayudhan P. K. Veeran    


This research is an effort to look into academic activities after school that help secondary school students in cognition development through Hermeneutic analyse for students of Pantai Remis Secondary School, Perak. This research is also to show that Hermeneutic understanding method can be applied effectively to identify academic activities after school that help secondary school students in their cognition development. This research involved 20 secondary school students from Form 1 to Form 3. They were asked to write a reflective essay about academic activities that they did after school hours. Their reflective essays were made a research text that will be using Hermeneutic analyse to find out academic activities that help their cognition development. This research shows that if a student can do positive activities after school such as doing revision, going for tuition, attending classes, doing homework, studying at home, doing module paper, involving school work, carrying out exercises, attending extra classes, involving in ritual study, going to class and attending study with teacher, involving in preparation class, doing mathematic exercises, reading, doing notes, going to library to study, reading geography, reading notes from internet, watching Astro channel that shows education programmes and reading books, thus they can help their cognition development and become excellent students in academic.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.