Difficulties Prevent Jordanian Women Participation in Political Life in Light of Some Social Variables

  •  Alaa Zuhheir Al- Rawashdeh    
  •  Asmaa Ribhi Al Arab    
  •  Ali Mohammad Ali Al-Shboul    


This study dealt with the most important difficulties that prevent Jordanian women participation in political life, the study used a purposive sample consisted of 80 pioneers women in north region governate for the year 2011. A questionnaire consisted of four aspects that covers the difficulties prevent Jordanian women from participating in political life .The following conclusions were drawn from this study: the social, the cultural difficulties are the most important factors that prevent Jordanian women participation in political life.
Finally and in light of the results the study came up with some recommendations such as: working on the awareness of society to change its believes regarding women participation on political life and to work on improving the economical situation of the women (economical empowerment).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.