Job Satisfaction among the Bankers: An investigation on Islamic Financial Institution in Eastern Region of Malaysia

  •  Norudin Mansor    
  •  Jannah Munirah Mohd Noor    
  •  Nik Fakrulhazri Nik Hassan    


For the past few decades numerous studies attempted to explore the relative importance of understanding job satisfaction. Realizing the need to sustain in the banking industry, this study was conducted for exploring the antecedents to the strengthening of job satisfaction. Further examination on differences between the work position, work experience as related to job satisfaction is expected to form the basis for understanding the satisfaction level of banking staffs. By adopting the survey approach, a sample of 236 data were collected within the period of two months in year 2009. Based on rigorous reviewing of the literature, instrument designing, followed by subsequent pilot testing, the final analysis revealed that job satisfaction can be predicted by using motivational factors, reward system, supervision/leadership, nurturing of working environment, and the competition climate within the industry.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.