Honor Killing in Pakistan: An Islamic Perspective

  •  Niaz Muhammad    
  •  Mufti. Muhammad Mushtaq Ahmed    
  •  Abdullah Abdullah    
  •  Fazle Omer    
  •  Naqeeb Hussain Shah    


Islamic Republic of Pakistan is considered as one of the most dangerous and unsafe country for women in the world, because of the increasing rate of crimes against women in the shape of honor killing and honor related violence. Which are known as assaults committed against women for what is considered immoral behavior. Some researchers and Islamic scholars links act of honor killing with Islam, they tried to justify this crime with some general sayings of Prophet Peace be upon him. In this paper the issue of honor killing has examined in the light of fundamental resources of Islam i.e Quran (the Saying of Allah) and Hadees (The Saying of Prophet Muhammad SAH) to clarify the true guidance of Islam in such cases. The claim of some researchers that honor killing get encouragement from Islamic Guidance has also been examined through Primary and Secondary Sources of Islam. Effort is made to bring forth the correct Islamic teachings.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.