Education Quality Enhancement via Multimedia Technology

  •  M. Z. Mohd Zin    
  •  Mohd Syahiran Abdul Latif    
  •  Azri Bhari    
  •  Rohaya Sulaiman    
  •  Azhar Abdul Rahman    
  •  Ahmad Faisal Mahdi    
  •  Mohd Sapawi Jamain    


Problem statement: The objective of this research was to evaluate the relationship between the multimedia usage in the understanding level and students interest. While the emphasis on the effectiveness of using multimedia teaching system as an aid in the exploration of ideas in learning instruments need to be addressed. Approach: A rapidly growing technology, comprehensive and interest in education at Malaysia has provided space and opportunities for educators to contribute their ideas and experience. Application of method helps to understand concepts, processes and terms in multimedia, simultaneously provide conducive teaching and learning which dynamically visualize information interesting and effective. To realize the main objective, the literature research and a detailed monitoring are performed. Results: Comparison of student progress obtained after examining the traditional learning methods and education system using multimedia technology as a means of support. In addition, educational technology has posed challenges, impact and responsibilities to educators and requires more than just the involvement of the students. Conclusion: Assimilation in the expertise required in implementing available technology, thus improving the quality and create a capable generation to facing challenges.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.