Management Research and the Phenomenon of Industry Growth: The Case of Pakistani Banking Industry

  •  Anwar Ali Shah G. Syed    
  •  Sabir Michal    
  •  Nadeem Bhattii    
  •  F. M. Shaikh    
  •  Santosh Kumar    


This research investigates the Management research and Phenomenon of Industry growth: A case study of Pakistani Banking industry. Data were collected from six commercial banks i.e. MCB, HBL, ABL, UBL, Askari and Bank Alfalah and data were analyzed by using SPSS18 version. It was revealed that pre-capitalization banking in Pakistan was characterized by poor research base, low investment in training and development hence leading to incessant distress and massive liquidation. The main focus of this paper is therefore to examine the relationship between research and growth in the industry. The research is descriptive in nature and based strictly on secondary data. Research finding revealed that inadequate research is one, but not the only causes of the downward trend in the industry. Other causes include institutional weakness economic conditions, rapid changes in government policies among others. A number of possible solutions were proffered, this include institution of compulsory research and development activities in banks to be supervised by Sate Bank of Pakistan.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.