Anecdotes of Plagiarism: Some Pedagogical Issues and Considerations

  •  Jamaluddin Aziz    
  •  Fuzirah Hashim    
  •  Norizan Abdul Razak    


Plagiarism is a contentious issue at best. Despite the common association between teaching, learning and plagiarism, the issue is seldom seen as pedagogical in essence. For that reason, this paper presents some examples of plagiarism in the form of professional anecdotes as experienced by the three researchers. After each anecdote, a juxtaposition is made with the review of literature on issues and studies of plagiarism. The literature review will provide a larger background that makes this paper not only uniquely Malaysian but also globally relevant especially in the context of global students’ mobility. In conclusion, the paper not only finds that the different and disparate perceptions of plagiarism among the lecturers and students contribute to the conflict in the process of teaching and learning, but it also evinces the idea that to communicate the ethical aspects of plagiarism is a tricky one especially when it involves students from different educational and cultural backgrounds.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.