Employment Security as Moderator on the Effect of Job Security on Worker’s Job Satisfaction and Well Being

  •  Fatimah O.    
  •  Noraishah D.    
  •  Nasir R.    
  •  Khairuddin R.    


Economic instability around the world has resulted in many organizations having to lay off workers and also shut down to save their business. This economic strain and stress have impact on the worker’s job satisfaction and well being through job insecurity. Thus, the purpose of this study is to examine the moderating effects of employment security on job security and job satisfaction and well being among workers in the banking sectors and manufacturing sectors who were most affected by the economic downturn. Participants were 600 workers of which 200 represented the workers who work in the bank, 200 in electronic industry and 200 in textile industry. They were randomly selected to participate in the research. A set of questionnaire comprising of Employment Security Scale, Job Security Scale, Job Satisfaction Scale and Well-Being Scale were used to measure the variables. Results from the multiple regression analysis showed that employment security did not moderate the relationship between job security and job satisfaction and well being of workers. However, job security had a direct relationship with job satisfaction and well being of workers. Thus, result from this study implicated that it was not the employment security that worried the workers but the security of their job that they were holding that impacted on their job satisfaction and well-being.

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