Effects of Demographic Variables on Marital Satisfaction

  •  Zainah A. Z.    
  •  Nasir R.    
  •  Ruzy Suliza Hashim    
  •  Noraini Md Yusof    


Marital satisfaction is an important aspect to study because it is a global evaluation of the state of one’s marriage and a reflection of marital happiness and functioning. This study aimed to ascertain the differences in marital satisfaction based on demographic variables. Subjects for this study were 423 married couples. The instrument used was ENRICH Marital Satisfaction Scale to measure marital satisfaction. The data were analyzed by inferential statistics using t-test and One-way Analysis of Variance. Results indicated significant differences in marital satisfaction based on the length of marriage and income. This study suggests that marriage counseling, with an emphasis on promoting awareness in marital happiness and satisfaction, would be helpful in addressing marital problems in married couples.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.