English Songs as Means of Aiding Students’ Proficiency Development

  •  Roszainora Setia    
  •  Rozlan Abdul Rahim    
  •  Gopala Krishnan Sekharan Nair    
  •  Aileen Farida binti Mohd Adam    
  •  Norhayati Husin    
  •  Elangkeeran Sabapathy    
  •  Razita Mohamad    
  •  Shahidatul Maslina Mat So’od    
  •  Nurul Izatee Md Yusoff    
  •  Razifa Mohd Razlan    
  •  Nur Amalia Abd Jalil    
  •  Rozita Mohamed Kassim    
  •  Norhafiza Abu Seman    


The major aim of this research is to determine the effectiveness of using songs in teaching English language to primary school students. This research will specifically investigate to what extent songs can contribute to the development of students’ language proficiency. The research is designed to find out whether using songs can be an effective way in creating positive attitude and motivation in language learners. The research will be carried out through the use of questionnaire. The data will be analyzed using the SPSS software to determine the best statistical technique to be used to test the hypotheses and to interpret the result. This is a preliminary survey research and it is hoped that this research will give an opportunity to teachers to realize songs help improve students’ language proficiency. From the survey, it has been discovered that the use of song not only helps the understanding, it also stimulates and increases the students’ interest to learn, enjoy and engage in the learning process. Furthermore, it accelerates students’ confidence, learning ability and skill when activities are highly motivated and memorable. Future researchers should extend this research to other samples in other localities and cultures.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.