Chinese Tibetan Guozhuang Dance from the Perspective of Sports

  •  Qian Liu    
  •  Jianqiang Wang    
  •  Yinan Qin    


The authors study Chinese Tibetan Guozhuang dance from the perspective of sports. And they discover that Guozhuang dance has such features as national tradition, holistic arts and public entertainment, etc., and is a kind of national traditional sports activity that has low requirements for sports field, has robust and straight movement, no much exercise intensity and in which the movement amount can be randomly adjusted to satisfy the movement aesthetic requirement. In the process of development, it has manifested such important historical and cultural value as strengthening Chinese Tibetan national cohesion, extending and inheriting Chinese Tibetan culture and promoting different national cultural communication, etc. In the realistic life of the areas where Chinese Tibetans inhabit, Guozhuang dance also has such important sports value as promoting Chinese Tibetan people's physical and psychological health, facilitating social sports, school sports and sports tourism development, etc.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.