The British Policy and Its Impact in the Implementation of the Balfour Declaration

  •  Ali Ibrahim Al-Bashayreh    


This study will shed light on the British role in the establishment of the Jewish national home in Palestine and that through the identification of the British policy that has worked to prepare the suitable conditions and working in that direction during the first world war and beyond to achieve this goal, and that was represented by the Brutish –French agreement (Sykes –Picot ) which provided to divide the Arab region into French and British spheres of influence, where Palestine according to this agreement was within the British sphere of influence, which made Britain in November 2nd 1917 to issue the Balfour declaration which gave the Jews the right to establish a national home for them in Palestine, and the subsequent action that was represented by the British occupation of Palestine at the end of the first world war, and preparing the conditions to implement Balfour declaration.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.