Women in BPO Sector in India: A Study of Individual Aspirations and Environmental Challenges

  •  Dipa Dube    
  •  Indrajit Dube    
  •  Bhagwan R. Gawali    
  •  Subechhya Haldar    


The present paper is based on the key findings of an empirical study conducted on the BPO workforce over a period of one year in Karnataka and West Bengal in India. The objective of the study was to prepare a status report on the service conditions, benefits and hazards of working women in the BPO sector. It also attempted to draw a comparative picture of the situation in the two states vis-à-vis women employees. The study assumed significance in light of the gory incidents of rape, murder, and assault of women employees in states of Karnataka, Maharashtra and others. Women constitute a significant number of the workforce in BPO sector in the country. They are primarily in their mid-twenties and qualified with graduate or post graduate degrees. Employment opportunity and career prospects in BPOs come as an enviable choice for them. Most of the women earn a good package, especially in Bangalore where salary index is higher than Kolkata. After a brief tenure in contractual service, the employees are inducted into the permanent service of the company with diverse benefits ranging from gratuity, bonus, provident fund, allowances, insurance and others. However, it has been found that thin strains of discontentment creep in over time on issues such as inadequate salary packages, differential promotional prospects and increments, ambiguous service conditions, irregular and arduous work schedules and lack of facilities in workplace.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.