Representation of Sexuality on Television: Values and Attitudes of Young Malaysian

  •  Fauziah Ahmad    
  •  Latiffah Pawanteh    
  •  Samsudin A. Rahim    
  •  Mohd Helmi Abd. Rahim    
  •  Rusyda Helma Mohd    


Technological changes are expanding rapidly which in turn has had an immense impact on the behaviour of young people, the massive users of technology. The mass media provides a diverse source of cultural opinions and standards to young people as well as differing examples of identity. Young people would be able to look at these and decide which they found most favourable and also to what they aspire to be. They use media and the cultural insights provided by them to see both who they might be and how they should behave. This paper explores the consequences of the advent of global media specifically via television in the lives of young people in Malaysia and their values and attitude towards issues of sexuality. Results revealed that the meanings that are gathered from the media are open to reshaping and refashioning to suit their individual needs, whether to accept or deny.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.