The Evolution and Examination of the College Physical Education since the Founding of the People’s Republic of China

  •  Hui Lv    


Sports are the important demonstration of life and the driving force of the life evolution. To develop physical education in accordance with the law of life will lead the teaching of physical education to a direct confrontation of life. That is to say, the regulation and control of human motion can achieve the transformation of the structure and function of a life, which ultimately provides the impossibility of a healthy body for the life significance. The college physical education, in order to meet the requirements of cultivating the cross-century talents, will enter a new stage of reform and development with the implementation of “revitalizing China through science and technology” and "national fitness program”. To meet the ideological need of “linking the past and carrying forward the cause and forging ahead into the future”, this text gives a systematic summary of the college physical education, expounds and examines the model of “skill classroom”, “physique classroom” and “health classroom” from the perspective of physical education class model, displaying the future of the 21st century physical education from the angle of life classroom.

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