Recycling as Habitual Behavior: The Impact of Habit on Household Waste Recycling Behavior in Thailand

  •  Achapan Ittiravivongs    


This research aims to permit a better understanding of factors influencing recycling behavior of Thai households in a habitual perspective. The study applied theory of interpersonal as critical framework and investigated the role of habit on recycling involvement of 381 samples in Bangkok. The outcomes indicated that recycling behavior was significantly predicted by recycling intention, habit, recycling ability, facility condition, and adequacy of recycling information, in order of strength. A trade-off relationship between recycling habit and intention was also found. With higher degree of habit, recycling behavior is subjected to be less depended on intention. In addition, relations of behavior-intention and behavior-facility condition were found significantly different across habit levels. Recycling behavior is likely to be less related to recycling intention and facility condition for strong habit group. The results suggested that recycling habit is an important issue needed to be considered as a notable factor influencing household recycling behavior.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.