The Relationship between Obligation to Parents and Life Satisfaction for Vietnamese American Adults

  •  Chau Nguyen    
  •  Tuyen D. Nguyen    


This paper presents an analysis employing the quantitative research method to study Vietnamese adult children’s obligation to parents. Using primary data gathered from 95 Vietnamese American adults, this study examines the relationship between obligation to parents and life satisfaction of Vietnamese American adults. The findings indicate that obligations to parents have been adapted among the Vietnamese American adults in the sample. Different patterns of change in obligation to parents among the Vietnamese American adults are recognized. Vietnamese American adults are experiencing social, economic, and cultural challenges associated with a new life in the United States but they are struggling in ways that did not significantly alter their traditional familial obligations. The findings also demonstrate a very high level of satisfaction for the sampled Vietnamese Americans who have been Acculturalized/Americanized for about fifteen years.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.