Application of Communicative Approach in College English Teaching

  •  Guochen Jin    


The main purpose of foreign language teaching is to communicate with language. Meanwhile, Communicative Approach is the effective way to achieve this goal. Through out more than twenty years, Communicative Approach has been confirmed and spread widely. Communicative Approach is the innovation of the foreign language teaching. Not only does it improve students’ communicative competence effectively, but also carries out the quality education in foreign language teaching. This thesis will take a look at the Communicative Approach to the teaching of foreign languages. It is intended as an introduction to the Communicative Approach for the teachers and teachers-in-training who want to provide opportunities in the classroom for their students to engage in real-life communication in the target language. This thesis starts with the emergence, definition and features of Communicative Approach. It helps us understand CA continually. It also makes us aware of the obvious differences between Communicative Approach and other ways of language teaching. How to apply Communicative Approach to the teaching of foreign languages is mainly talked about. At last, three important pairs of connections in Communicative Approach are provided and the future of the Communicative Approach in foreign language teaching is described.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.