Establishment of Harmonious Ecological Culture in University Campus

  •  Yanhua Liu    


Campus ecological culture is a sort of culture in which human kind gets along well in harmony with the natural environment. It represents the tide of evolvement of relationship between human kind and the natural environment, an important feature that universities are distinguished from other social organizations and an important foundation for sustainable development of universities. Campus ecological culture mainly includes ecologization of concept, ecologization of teaching, ecologization of management and ecologization of behavior. Establishment of campus ecological culture is the essential requirement to carry out the scientific outlook on development in an overall way, the realistic need to realize interpersonal harmony in university campus, an important approach for university students to develop in an overall and free way and a reliable guarantee for university students to survive and develop in a new century. Establishment of campus ecological culture has to insist on human orientation and realization of campus interpersonal harmony, has to carry forward the idea of freedom and realize academic harmony in university campus and has to strengthen environmental establishment and realize campus ecological harmony.

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